What Is PayCoin?

PayCoin is a global currency that lets you send money to anyone, anywhere, anytime.
Sending and accepting money is totally free, lightning fast and insanely easy
- whether you’re a person or a business.

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Who will accept PayCoin?

Worldwide online retailers will accept PayCoin directly or
through third party payment processors. We will give hundreds of
thousands of businesses the ability to accept PayCoin with ease.

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How can I use PayCoin?


Hybrid Flex

PayCoin uses a new Hybrid Flex Blockchain technique that regularly validates, compresses, and archives old transaction data to creates near-instant transaction times with a light, efficient, and extremely secure blockchain.

Hypass Card

PayCoin doesn’t fight existing infrastructure – it works with it. PayCoin is specifically built to work with legacy credit card hardware with merchants who accept it.

Coin Adoption Fund

PayCoin’s ICO launches the world’s first Coin Adoption Fund – a fund whose sole mandate is to grow the cryptocurrency by spreading adoption world-wide.

Proof Of Reserve

PayCoin is backed by a fiat-based reserve of USD that shields early adopters from risk and increases acceptance by large institutions.

Miner Rewards

The PayCoin network distributes low-cost hashpower to individual miners, supplied by PayCoin’s CAF.

Merchant Adoption

PayCoin launches with more merchant acceptance than any other cryptocurrency in history.

PayCoin - The People's Money

Good for you. Bad for Banks.

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Mac OS X
32-Bit or 64-Bit